Frozen Cocktails

Party with the coolest cocktails


We will need:

  • a strong table, bench, bar, etc approximately 1m X 1m (no glass tables please) capable of holding up to 100 kilos for the larger machines
  • access to power, preferably directly into power point rather than into a power board.

Delivery is FREE within a 25km radius of each of our franchises premises. If you are unsure, please call us and we will let you know. A small charge applies to areas outside this delivery zone.

We generally set up machines between 9.00am – 4pm on the day, however will call you on the Thursday prior to your party to arrange a specific delivery time.

Pick up the next day is between 8.00am – 4pm, alternative arrangements outside these hours may be needed depending on number of machines being picked up on the day.

Our mixes our made with fresh products, which means if there is any leftover cocktails, you can decanter into containers (i.e. ice cubes, small containers) and freeze for 6 months.

You will be given a tax invoice when the machine is delivered. Payment can be either cash, direct debit or credit card (3% surcharge applies). We do accept cheques but they must be received at least 5 working days prior to your party.

You can call your local franchise or use our online booking order form.

Simple answer is no.

Full payment is required on the day, once the machine is set up.  We accept cash, direct deposit or credit card (3% surcharge).  Cheque payments are required 5 working days prior to booking.

We deliver to all metro areas, up to about 40 km from the city centre.

We deliver and pick up all our equipment.  On occasions we will arrange for customers to pick machine up, at an agreed location.  We will require a deposit (to be negotiated), license number and vehicle registration details.

The delivery cost is based on the distance from the CBD and the ease of access to the party/event ground. Our delivery fees are as follows:

  • 0-25km of the CBD = Free
  • Over 25km = to be negotiated

Please let us know if there is anything that will make transporting a machine… interesting… Such as: unsealed dirt roads (we’ve been bogged before!), stairs, elevators etc.

We are unable to insure the machines at your premises therefore you are responsible for any breakages, damage or vandalism that occurs.

Yes we charge one fee that includes both delivery and pick up.

Our hand made cocktails are unique and specifically manufactured to work in the machines. Only the mix we provide must be used in the machines.

Table 1m wide x 2m long or bigger and if you can dance on it  it should be strong enough. The machines weigh up to 100kg when full.

  • Kitchen bench tops are perfect, as are solid wooden kitchen tables.
  • Machines will need to be in a shaded area and out of direct line of sun, wind or rain.
  • If temperature is forecast to be over 35, we recommend they be set up indoors.
  • We also require access to a power point within 1M of the machine, or an extension cord.

No, the machines are very simple to use and we walk you through it on the day.

No.  We provide the hand made fresh fruit cocktail mixes of your choice and the machine, you provide the alcohol

The suggested total number of drinks is based on a 170ml, cocktail size cup/glass.  The larger the glass, the lesser amount of drinks you can expect to get.

If you use our recommended amount of alcohol, this equates to approximately a 5% alcoholic drink (equivalent to a full strength stubby of beer)

Each cocktail is made the traditional way, blending together the best quality fruit and juices to ultimately deliver the very best frozen cocktails to you and your guests.